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XOXO Baguette Purse XOXO Baguette Purse

XOXO mini purse XOXO mini purse

Xoxo black and plaid purse. Xoxo black and plaid purse.

XOXO Black Ring Handle Crossbody Pu XOXO Black Ring Handle Crossbody Purse NWT


XOXO Orange Bag NWT Cloud 9 Faux Le XOXO Orange Bag NWT Cloud 9 Faux Leather Small Flaws

XOXO Burgundy Handbag XOXO Burgundy Handbag

XOXO Red Purse XOXO Red Purse

Black XOXO handbag Black XOXO handbag

Xoxo handbag purse Xoxo handbag purse

Xoxo handbags Xoxo handbags

Xoxo Brown Handbag Xoxo Brown Handbag

Xoxo brown handbag purse Xoxo brown handbag purse

XOXO Pink Handbag XOXO Pink Handbag

XOXO Purse Women’s Handbag Small XOXO Purse Women’s Handbag Small Beige

XOXO Handbags - My Personal Favorite Purse

Well like every XOXO handbag I have my favorite. The Xoxo line of handbags come in every shape and size with a price point that is budget friendly for those that have style and not a lot of money. I went to my teenage niece to get her opinion on this trendy design and like all teenage girls new every thing there was to know on the latest trends and styles and even was kind enough to give me a “wish list for Christmas. This purse was at the top of her wishlist.

This line of handbags gives a great shout out to the designer of Xoxo handbags. The colorful line of satchel handbags is just adorable. So much so I will be purchasing a few for Christmas gifts this year. With a price point of around fifty dollars you could not find better value. Unique in both name and styles this is a wonderful was to be chic and trendy. The bags are too cute for words yet lets the modern women fit all that is needed inside its roomy interior. This is the type of bag that also easily fits anyone’s wardrobe with ease and comfort. The straps tend to fit to perfection, and the way it carries against your body makes it a perfect fit in all categories.

I would give two thumbs up to the designer of these urban handbags for coming uup with this high quality accessory. They have taken all the exclusive designs from the most sought after designers and recreated them at prices that are both affordable and great value. Xoxo has every purse and handbag style or design imaginable from the XOXO sling, to the XOXO hobo, the XOXO backpack, to the XOXO evening purse. If you have never experienced this designer run out and take a lot. If you are not particular about the label and you think it is fabulous to have the trade mark Xoxo on your labels I would recommend an authetic XOXO bag. Like the comfort of kisses and hugs this one gets both thumbs up.

Carry Staltz of is a purse fanatic that has more handbags that one can count. My articles are real life reviews. I only write about things I already own or have used and can honestly say what I do and don't like about them. is a resource for you to buy your favorite Designer Falor handbag online from eBay.

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