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closing thoughts on different handbags designers

Everybody ranks the different designers according to their budget assigning in their mind a scale to attain. The same as everyone looks to upgrade their home or car, designer handbag lovers always aspire to move into the next bracket of handbag. But I think that the biggest means by which designer name handbags prosper and grow or fade away with a whimper is down to good old communication. Work with me for a minute! How many bags do you own? Of those, how many are from the same house? Now then of those from the same designer, the same design house label, how many did you buy after someone else had spoken to you about it?

The other thing to consider is the size of the handbag. If you are small and thin, try not to carry around huge bags that will look disproportionate to your body. On the other hand, if you have a few extra pounds, you might not want to stress that with a bag that is barely visible and seems more like a toy rather than a real handbag. The length of the handles is also important - medium sized handles work best in all cases. In general, long handles and a vertically oriented handbag make you look slimmer.

Unlike clothing, the handbag is an accessory that stands out from your body figure. This is why the shape of the handbag can have such a powerful visual impact. When shopping for one, try to get the exact opposite of what your body type is. If you are short try to get a taller handbag that will enhance your vertical look. Not only will the vertical handbag make you look taller but it will also help you look slimmer, since it directs the viewer's eyes on the vertical rather than on the horizontal. On the other hand, if you are tall and thin, you might want to get a rounder handbag