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Fashions and the Kate Spade handbags that go with them:

Fashionistas are hardly known for their caring sharing side but times are achanging with companies like Matt & Nat doing their bit to show they care. Made from high quality animal-free synthetic materials, this handbag label is 100% vegan. With cute cord numbers, slick leather-look shoppers and tweed carry-alls the bags themselves are slick and on-trend strictly no hippy nonsense here. Colours are a far cry from the earthy tones you'd expect. The Depeche Mode tote comes in zingy Kelly green, purple or fuchsia, but if you prefer something understated you have the option of black or brown as well. The Depeche Mode comes in two sizes so go large if you're the type to schlep all your daily detritus in your wake and if you're worried you still won't fit it all in there are pockets aplenty to put your mind at ease.

The swinging 60's was a time of controversy with the war in Vietnam, the desire for personal freedom, and the civil rights movement. How did this decade impact on handbags? First let's examine influences on the culture of these years. The Beatles had burst on the scene from England with their revolutionary music that seemed to capture a generation. John F. Kennedy was elected president with his intense appeal to young people and unbounded energy and his wife imparted her own sense of style to the country.

And remember, anyone who asks you how many Kate Spade handbags does one person need, probably takes pride in his holey t-shirt collection and will never understand. So give him a quick kiss goodbye, grab your credit card, and head out the door to go shopping, for a new Kate Spade bag of course.

"Carried Away: All About Bags," a lexicon of bags from Hermès Paris has this entry:   Baguette. A small, long, narrow bag with a shoulder strap, carried under the arm. A descendant of bags elongated to carry oblong items. Additional sources for more Authentic Kate Spade Handbags

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